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[The Crazy Cola Diet]


A weight-loss plan that involves drinking ordinary, full-sugar cola. It's crazy for all kinds of reasons. It works. Once you've adjusted it's pretty easy.

How to do it

There are just 3 rules to follow – 3 rules, 3 cans of cola each day:

Drink a 12 fl oz/330ml can of ordinary cola morning, noon and late afternoon, with the following conditions:

Eat just one meal a day: your usual evening meal.
(Don't worry – the way this crazy diet works means you won't feel hungry!)

Don't eat at any other time. Drink what you want (within reason – just like with any other diet you won't lose weight by drinking gallons of milkshake, additional sugary drinks, or fruit juice; alcohol is best avoided too).

And that's all! The Crazy Cola Diet is easy, effective and free – aside from the almost negligible cost of cola cans!

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